Nos partenaires finlandais travaillent avec des sous-traitants locaux pour les menuiseries intérieures,en ce compris tout type d’escalier sur mesure avec une large gamme de rampes et gardes-corps ainsi que les châssis et portes extérieures de qualité supérieure. Que ce soit en en double ou triple vitrage à haute performance, avec ou sans capot extérieur en aluminium teinté selon les choix du client (ce qui assure la résistance aux intempéries des châssis qu’il ne faut plus repeindre) ou encore avec des systèmes d’ouverture plus complexe, l’usine SKAALA est un partenaire de notre fabricant finlandais principal reconnu depuis très longtemps.

Un échantillon de leur production et des possibilités très larges offertes se trouvent sur leur site


The exterior doors in the Skaala Skandia range have been designed for linear, Scandinavian architecture sites where finished, clean details form a consistent and impressive whole.

Skaala UO 101 S ulko-ovi

UO 101 S

 Skaala UO 102 S ulko-ovi

UO 102 S

 Skaala UO 103 S ulko-ovi

UO 103 S

 Skaala UO 104 S ulko-ovi Design Panu Turunen

UO 104 S

Skaala UO 105 S ulko-ovi (tiikki) Design Panu Turunen

UO 105 S

Skaala UO 106 S ulko-ovi (tiikki) Design Panu Turunen

UO 106 S

 Skaala UO 107 S ulko-ovi

UO 107 S

 Skaala UO 108 S ulko-ovi (tammilistat)

UO 108 S
oak laths

Skaala UO 109 S ulko-ovi

UO 109 S

Skaala UO 110 S ulko-ovi (RST-listat) Design Panu Turunen

UO 110 S
RST laths

Skaala UO 111 S ulko-ovi

UO 111 S



Skaala UO 113 S ulko-ovi (tammi)

UO 113 S



Skaala UO 115 S ulko-ovi

UO 115 S

Skaala UO 116 S ulko-ovi (tammilistat)

UO 116 S
oak laths

Skaala Skandia UO 130 S (RST-lista) Design Panu Turunen

UO 130 S
RST laths

 Skaala Skandia UO 131 S (RST-lista) Design Panu Turunen

UO 131 S
RST laths

Skaala Skandia UO 132 S (tammi) Design Panu Turunen
UO 132 S
teak, NC-kaiverrettu lasi

UO 120 S Skaala Alfa Premium turvaovi

UO 120 S Skaala
Alfa Premium -turvaovi

The doors in the Skandia collection insulate sound efficiently and are available with both veneered and painted surfaces. There are countless colours. The painted doors are delivered with a quality wood frame which is free of knots and painted the same colour as the door. Every door model is available with matching fixed or operating sidelights. Alfa-class exterior doors are delivered with a cover plate that protects the door surface and can be installed for the cylinder body and handle. The cylinder body and handles are delivered by separate order. The standard glazing is Satinbel.


Portes donnant sur la terrasse type Skaala Skandia

The linear terrace doors naturally combine with Skaala Skandia exterior doors and windows. The bottom edge of the glass aperture of the terrace door is generally set at the same height as the window openings.

Skaala IO 57 S parvekeovi

IO 57 S
terrace door

Skaala IO 57 K S parvekeovi

IO 57 K S
terrace door

PORTES INTERIEURES POUR PIECES HUMIDES (salle de bain, sauna, piscine)

The Skaala doors for humid rooms have been especially designed for spaces where you do not have to mind the splashes. Even in a well ventilated bathroom the moisture is concentrated on the surface of the door and if the door is not moisture-resistant it can be ruined before its time.

A moisture-resistant door is a sensible choice for bathrooms and lavatories. The surface of the door panel has a vague wood vein pattern. There are two different door models: plain and threepanel doors. We do not recommend that you use other types of doors in humid rooms than those especially designed for this purpose.



Moulded door
for humid rooms


Glass door
for humid rooms


Plain door
for humid rooms



Bright and spacious saunas

The Skaala glass doors create more space in the sauna. All sauna doors have tight seals, which prevent the heat from escaping and ensure that the door closes softly. The glass doors that are installed in other rooms than the sauna have lever handles and interior door fittings.



Bronze glass
with vertical door handle


Satin glass
with knob door handle


Striped satin glass
with knob door handle


Smoked glass
with horizontal door handle



By using only one handle, you can choose between any of the three functions you need:





Aluminium-clad tilt and turn windows
This product has the best of two worlds by combining all the benefits of wood internally ‒ natural, warm colours and an aesthetically pleasing look ‒ with the advantages of a durable and maintenance-free exterior.



The aluminium-clad tilt & turn windows are available in two models:

2K+1 model has a double-glazed inner wooden sash plus a single-glazed aluminium outer sash. This « double sash » provides excellent thermal and acoustic properties. It also gives the option for colour-matched blinds to be factory fitted between the two sashes, thus providing built-in and dust-free control of the light allowed to flow in from outside. This window model combines all of this, together with functional perfection.